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Info Security Consultant Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 from the demand of IT security professional services that have been frequency growing. INFOSEC is a 100% Thai-owned Company. INFOSEC is local distributor of IT security solutions. We provide IT security system needs with ranging from a personal user, to small or large businesses, we have found ourselves able to meet everyone's needs with quality service, reasonable and extremely competitive rates.


We provide a wide range of products and services. Covering the usage of external and internal office zone, we team up with well-known brands, giving you the best safety solution. See our Product Chart to know more of how our products can be operated throughout your business units.

Service & Support

Installation and Training

Monitoring and Alerting

According to Thai law enforcement and standard regulatory of GLBA, HIPPA, ITIL and etc. INFOSEC offers a service that performs digital intelligence & investigation on the Internet to track down illegal and suspicious activities concerning your organization then correlate and alert accor- ding to the policy.


INFOSEC Security Services can advise you on diverse aspects of IT security like information management, law enforcement, standard regulatory and PKI.

Product Maintenance

Shall the solutions are installed and fine tuned, our professional service just starting to stand by for giving a service that may called by customer at any time. Our PM is a great tool for customers to be assured the system is running with full performance and stability.

Security Assessment

"Hire a professional." Get us to assess specific IT security issues or services on your IT infrastructure. Vulnerability assessment is a must today to guarantee business confidentiality, integrity and availability.


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